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XXL Hose Extensible Hose 45 m

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There's loads of benefits of using the XXL Hose 45 m Expandable Hose! A resistant and practical watering hose which automatically expands in seconds due to the effect of water pressure. When you're done using it and you turn off the tap, the XXL Hose extensible hose shrinks little by little until it reverts to its original size. This means that it takes up minimal space for easy storage.

  • Includes universal adaptor for taps
  • Approx. diameter of the nozzle: 2.5 cm
  • Approx. length without expanding: 16 m
  • Watering hose with 7 modes (different kinds of streams depending on the desired pressure)
  • Spliceable (you can get several hose and join them to get a longer one)

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