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Depil Spring Facial Hair Remover

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Depil Spring is a new natural hair removal system that's extremely effective and safe. You can take it anywhere as this facial hair remover is very simple and practical. It's a stainless steel spring with plastic handles at the ends. The Depil Spring facial hair remover removes hair from the root in delicate areas with a simple motion in a quick, clean and painless way. No need for electricity or chemicals. Depil Spring is very easy to use. Simply bend the ends downwards forming an inverted U and twist in opposite directions inwards and outwards. Use a continuous motion in the opposite direction of hair growth until all hair has been removed.

The Depil Spring facial hair remover is particularly recommended for facial use: Around the lips, cheeks, forehead, chin and neck. Do not use it to remove hair from other body areas: Eyebrows, eyelashes, ears, armpits, legs, back, groins...

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