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Chef Master Kitchen Convection Oven

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With this comprehensive Chef Master Kitchen convection oven, you'll discover a different way of cooking! Save time and effort with this convenient and practical high-quality kitchen robot which effectively grills, browns, defrosts, bakes, roasts, cooks, fries, etc. With its even cooking system food is cooked to perfection. In addition, this halogen oven is very easy to use and clean. It has a capacity of 12 L and includes a thermostat (up to 250 ºC) and a timer (0 - 60 min.). Overall dimensions: 38 x 34 x 33 cm. Approx. length of the power cable: 95 cm. Voltage: 220-240 V / 50 Hz. Power: 1200-1400 W.


  • Glass lid with times-temperature controllers and on/off handle
  • Glass container (approx. 33 cm of diameter x 17 cm high)
  • Plastic holding stand 
  • Metal rim with extension (to increase capacity)
  • Metal grill rack
  • Lifted grill rack
  • Metal grill grabbing tongs


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